The National Senate awarded the Association for "Aid to Abused Horses" (ACMA) and Dr. Ariel Corse with a Diploma of Honor for the work carried out for the protection and care of equines.

The delivery took place in the atrium of the Legislative Palace.

Dr. Veterinario Corse received his diploma of Honor and expressed: "I thank the Pro Administrative Secretary and the Directorate of Coordination and Social Management of the Senate of the Nation, all the authorities and all those who are part of the association is one day special for all of us who are part of the ACMA family for receiving this diploma in honor of our work in defense and care of horses or any animal that comes our way "

"We are dreamers of a better world for our animals for people because there is no worse reference than not having empathy with the other and every day we are more"

"In these years we have intervened and rescued more than 500 horses. Today we have a total of 220 horses under our protection without forgetting our other members, dogs, goats, sheep, because we are an assembled family"

"ACMA is a philosophy of life to fight for the rights of those who have no voice."